2015? Blerg.

posted on 05 / 26
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Anonymous: I think you guys should revert back to the standard font, I personally think it pairs and looks better with the screen caps than the "goofier' new font. Just a thought!

Hello there, once again, there is no official MadRock typeface since most photosets are submissions kindly pieced together by followers.

posted on 05 / 24 submitted this awesome side by side comparison.


posted on 05 / 22
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Anonymous: Dear creator of this blog, you are a good person.

No pal, you are!

posted on 05 / 22
Anonymous: The new font is sooooooo annoying. Will you please consider changing it back?

I did not create the latest submissions. They were kindly ‘shopped and sent to MadRock via post submission by one of our followers. There isn’t a definitive MadRock font since this place is pretty much open sourced goodness.

That being said, thanks to our followers that have been coming up with ideas. Please feel free to send more submissions/suggestions in, in any level of graphic expertise.

posted on 05 / 22

"Love is hiding who you really are at all times, even when you’re sleeping. Love is wearing make up to bed and going downstairs to the Burger King to poop, and hiding alcohol in perfume bottles. That’s love."

-Jenna Maroney, “Subway Hero” 

posted on 05 / 22
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posted on 05 / 22
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So Peggy can rebound, sexually. (at 0:30 seconds)

posted on 05 / 22
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for reference:

posted on 05 / 22
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Submission by clydesfinalresponse: Don and Peggy’s “just taste it argument” with the dialogue from Jack and Liz’s argument in “Florida”.

Thanks clydesfinalresponse!

posted on 05 / 22
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